Git: Moving a repository to a new server

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The quick, easy and complete way:

  1. Clone the repo you want to move or skip this step if you already have one set up:

     git clone git@oldreposerver:repo/name <insert dir>
     cd <insert dir>
  2. Make sure your repo has all the latest news from its current origin:

     git fetch --all 
  3. Add the new origin as a temporary remote whilst keeping the old one for now:

     git remote add newrepo ssh://git@newreposerver:newrepo/newname
  4. Push all refs from origin to their equivalent counterpart on newrepo:

     git push newrepo '+refs/remotes/origin/*:refs/heads/*'
  5. Switch origin around so your new repository becomes default:

     git remote rename origin oldrepo
     git remote rename newrepo origin
  6. Or get rid of the old origin altogether if you’re positive you won’t be needing it anymore:

     git remote remove origin
     git remote rename newrepo origin