Diceware Password Generator

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What is this?

This is a diceware password generator. Read about diceware

Is this safe?

Probably not, but I’ve taken some precautions to make sure this is as safe as a browser-based generator can be:

  • This generator is implemented in javascript. It runs in your browser, and doesn’t send your rolls and/or words to me or anyone else. All the code (except for the PRNG) is on the bottom of the source of this page, and there’s not much to see either.
  • If you don’t use actual dice, but the “Add roll” button instead, you’re getting an as-random-as-random-can-possibly-be-in-your-browser number. This page uses a PRNG with exceptionally high entropy. Is it truely random? Of course not; It’s still a PSEUDO random number generator after all. You better roll those dice buddy.

How do I use it?


  • Roll a real dice, or if you haven’t happen to have one on you, use the “Add roll” button instead, which will generate a pseudo random roll for you.
  • As soon as you have 5 rolls, a corresponding word will be selected from the diceware word list for you.
  • Repeat this as often as you want/need words
  • Presto, your new diceware password is ready. Save it to your favorite password manager and off you go.