Bacula: Cancelling all jobs that are currently writing

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Just a quick post with the oneliner of the day.

Scenario: after a bacula director restart a couple of jobs were stuck on the FD with message:

Running Jobs:
Writing: Incremental Backup job JobId=8702 Volume=""
    pool="" device="DefaultFileStorage" (/mnt/bacula/default)
    spooling=0 despooling=0 despool_wait=0
    Files=0 Bytes=0 AveBytes/sec=0 LastBytes/sec=0
FDSocket closed

There were a couple of these jobs that were stuck, preventing all other jobs from running, because those were waiting for a free slot on the FD.

Bacula: Purging and deleting old volumes

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I’ve been using bacula for a couple of months now in conjunction with puppet to make automated backups of all servers that are managed by puppet. My bacula setup labels a volume for every job it runs with a unique name:

Label Format = "${Job}.${Year}${Month:p/2/0/r}${Day:p/2/0/r}.${Hour:p/2/0/r}${Minute:p/2/0/r}"

These volumes are automatically purged once the retention of all files contained on the volume expires (which is configured per-pool). Due to the unique names however, the volumes cannot be recycled. The result of this is that the volumes that have been marked as purged in the catalog remain as-is on the disk. After some time this ultimately resulted in a full disk, thus halting all backups performed on that pool. Not good. Not good at all.