Git: Automatically moving a tag using a custom command

 |  300 words — 1 minute  |  git bash script

Ever find yourself moving a git tag to a new commit? You’ll probably know this procedure consists out of three steps;

  • Removing the existing tag from your origin
  • Manually moving the tag (using -f to allow moving)
  • Pushing the tag back your origin

Since this procedure is more cumbersome that it could be, behold, a quick and easy life hack to automate this process into a single custom command.

Puppet: Calculating average catalog compilation times

 |  400 words — 2 minutes  |  puppet bash linux oneliner

Just a quick post with the oneliner of the day.

When you are debugging catalog compilation issues or other puppet performance issues in general, it is good to know exactly which catalogs are slow to compile. Knowing which catalogs are substantially slower than others allows you to focus on those catalogs and the modules they contain.